Areas of Expertise

Psychotherapist Jordan Grob, LCSW, LCAS


Addiction & Recovery

Oftentimes getting sober is just the beginning. Emotionally, recovery can sometimes feel like waking up from a bad dream. Find out how the support of a counselor can be different from that of a sponsor throughout your recovery journey.


Anger & Empowerment

When anger becomes unmanageable, we often either feel euphoric (anger can be a kind of "high"), or we can feel ashamed. Sometimes anger gone unexpressed can show up as anxiety, depression, resentment, irritability, or even chronic pain. Working with the energy of anger (instead of bottling it up and then exploding), can bring true empowerment.

Relationship Trauma & Healing

The word "trauma" can be scary, or like it's a word that seems to apply to someone else's life, not yours. Discover the true meaning of the word and why it matters when it comes to feeling better. Also find out why "talking about it" sometimes falls short.


Young Adults In Transition

Transitions can feel like a rite of passage, or like jumping off a cliff. Whether the transition you're in feels more like "arriving" or like "leaving" - be it a new job, new school, new sober life, new identity, new town, new relationship, or the loss of an important relationship or identity - navigating unchartered waters can be tricky. I'm here to help you find your "sea legs".

You've Already TAken The First Step.

Reaching out can take an enormous amount of courage. I'm so glad you're here! Whether you're new to therapy or this is your 15th rodeo, I'd like to offer you a small seed of hope. Change, peace, joy, bliss - it's all possible for you. If I didn't believe this with my whole heart, I wouldn't do this for a living. That's the truth.

I offer individual therapy to people in a private office setting in downtown Asheville. To see if we might be a good fit for one another, please read more about me and my style here. If this is your first (or 10th, etc.) time seeking therapy, please check out the FAQs for more information.

Beyond A "Nod & Smile" Therapist

I am direct. I am loving. And I believe active listening involves more than asking "...and how does that make you feel?" I use transparency in my approach, as I believe this allows for the most effective exploration of oneself in relationship to others. 

When talking isn't enough

There is more to how we heal than "talking it out". Ever felt like talking didn't quite "scratch the itch", or even made things worse? Research shows that traumatic experiences are often not resolved by talking alone. Learn more about how I incorporate body-based methods in my practice.

We sometimes think we want to disappear, but all we really want is to be found.
— Unknown
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