You may benefit if…

·      You or others in your life are concerned about your relationship with drugs or alcohol

·      You have immediate family members who struggle with addiction

·      You are a parent of a young adult just leaving treatment, and in need of additional support

·      You have a hard time "buying in" to the 12-Steps, for one reason or another

·      You are early in recovery and have no clue how to make friends or find a romantic partner(s) sober

·      You have years of recovery under your belt, and are seeking a therapist for "maintenance" work


I can help you to…

·      Safely and gently explore the reason(s) you use drugs or alcohol

·      Discover healthy coping skills that actually work for you

·      Repair current relationships and heal wounds from past ones

·      Find new direction and purpose in your life

·      Step outside your comfort zone in a safe and supportive environment

·      Learn tools to support, rather than enable, your loved ones struggling with addiction


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